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Skip Tracing

Skip tracing with technical proficiency.

Successful skip tracing is an art form. Discovering a person's whereabouts requires a combination of technical proficiency, analytical skills and savvy communication techniques. At NCML, we're proud to say we do it better than most. We find the debtors that don't want to be found.

Our process of locating debtors is handled by the same operators that make the calls. As such, it's largely blended into the collections process. However, we also have a dedicated skip tracing division that operates independently of the collections environment, servicing singular and commercial clients.

All our collection staff members are trained in desk-based investigation procedures in accordance with the ACCC-ASIC Debt Collection Guidelines and Privacy Act regulations. Ongoing training in compliance, communication and technical systems ensures that our staff remain well equipped to maximise location and conversion rates for skipped accounts.

Better cash flow makes your business more attractive. When you have ready cash available, you have more bargaining power because you can develop a reputation for being a quick and reliable payer. This means you can negotiate better discounts and take advantage of early payment deals from your suppliers.

We offer a range of skip tracing options, from data washing and desk-based research through to premium investigative services. These services can be commissioned on an individual (fee-for-service) basis or integrated as part of a broader contingent collections strategy.

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