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Invoice Purchasing

Free up cash from your unpaid invoices.

Many Australian businesses have discovered a smart way to release the cash tied up in unpaid invoices by using NCML's invoice purchasing solutions.

Invoice purchasing allows you to free up cash from your unpaid invoices to use in other areas of your business, such as growing your company. Even if your customers pay you on time, from the moment you send your invoice, your business is deprived of the money it's owed. For some it's 30 days. For others it can be 60 or 90 days, and that's assuming the customer pays on time.

With NCML's invoice purchasing service, you can transform slow invoices into fast and reliable funding. We can ensure that your business has access to a known cash supply that equates to your sales, meaning that as your business grows, the amount of available funding to you grows with it. You can access the value of your unpaid invoices straight away. It doesn't affect the credit terms you offer your customers and because it's confidential, your customers don't need to know.

Better cash flow makes your business more attractive. When you have ready cash available, you have more bargaining power because you can develop a reputation for being a quick and reliable payer. This means you can negotiate better discounts and take advantage of early payment deals from your suppliers.

If you want a flexible form of finance that shores up your cash flow and can help grow your business, then call us on 1300 784 999 to see how we can help. We can also manage your sales ledger and collect outstanding invoice payments on your behalf.

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