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Field Services

We get the job done.

When face-to-face contact with a debtor becomes necessary, we have the capacity through our national network of Field Service Agents (FSAs) to deploy a locally-based, trained and licenced operative to get the job done.

When the debt value justifies this, field services are recommended for the following purposes:

  • As a legal document service
  • As a skip trace action where standard non-field traces have been unsuccessful
  • As a debt collection function where all less invasive means have been exhausted

All our FSAs are issued with internet-enabled portable devices, with electronic form signing capability, data exchange and electronic payment options. These devices interact with our Collections System to allow real-time access to a debtor's account status and transaction history, ensuring that payment disputes can be addressed at the point of contact.

This integrated technology allows NCML to manage FSA workflow efficiency by assigning tasks based on predetermined criteria (e.g. geographical location, client profile and Propensity to Pay scores).

Like skip tracing, field and investigative services can also be commissioned on an individual (fee-for-service) basis or integrated as part of a broader contingent collections strategy.

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