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Debt Collection

At NCML, we know debt collection.

For over 25 years, our proven collection techniques have helped Australian businesses improve their cash flows and concentrate on doing what they do best.

Our collection strategies are formulated from our ability to assess a debtor's willingness and ability to pay, through in-depth data intelligence and analytics. Our aim is to produce a realistic estimate of the likelihood of collection before recommending the most cost-effective recovery strategy.

Our collection methodologies are designed to:

  • Create and maintain a sense of urgency
  • Maximise our client's cash flow and profitability
  • Minimise litigation costs
  • Achieve optimal recovery rates through innovation and negotiation
  • Maintain debtor goodwill and commercial trading relationships
  • Protect each client's reputation and corporate brand
  • Maintain partner relationships in strict confidentiality

Our operational model is built around our sophisticated technology platform and data intelligence. It's matched with our highly skilled workforce and our strong compliance framework to form the cornerstones of our debt recovery success.

We have a comprehensive suite of collection tools at our disposal that include:

  • Data cleansing, matching and enhancement software
  • Risk analysis and Propensity to Pay scoring
  • Payment arrangement monitoring
  • Complaint and dispute management
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) recognition
  • Digital Voice Recording (DVR)
  • Notice of Assignment, Demand for Payment and Final Notice letters
  • Automated dialler campaigns
  • Outbound call, SMS and email campaigns
  • Inbound call, SMS and email handling
  • Skip tracing
  • Field and investigative services
  • Solicitor Letters
  • Full legal recovery services including: litigation services, post-judgment enforcement and insolvency administration

First-Party Collections
Resolve early stage accounts before they become serious.

The best time to collect is usually before a customer becomes seriously past due. NCML can put together an effective Early Stage Collections program designed to reduce your internal costs and allow you to re-prioritise your resources. Our programs include a mix of collection letters, automated calls and live agent contacts, depending on the situation.

Your staff has many competing priorities, so it can be difficult for them to concentrate on early stage delinquent accounts that could boost your cure rate. Our experienced staff will work with you to distinguish such accounts early on and recommend solutions than can be initiated as soon as your customer becomes overdue.

An NCML Early Stage Collections program will cure more accounts while reducing your costs, freeing up resources and enabling your business to concentrate on what it does best.

Late Stage Collections
Leverage our technical and analytical expertise.

Our late stage collection programs are typically designed for debts that are more than 90 days past due. As the age of the debt increases, the likelihood of contacting the debtor and collecting on the debt decreases.

The tools required to successfully recover late stage collections are more refined than those needed in other collection efforts. At NCML, our expert use of technology and analytics can produce high recoveries for your business.

To reduce the risk of write-off, you need a strategic partner who can deliver collections in a compliant and cost-effective manner. We can provide a process-driven approach that optimises contact rates and increases the pace of recovery.

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