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Credit Management

Credit management is at our core.

Credit management is at the core of what we do at NCML. It's what we call the suite of services we offer our clients to manage their receivables from origination to full recovery.

We offer a fully outsourced receivables management service across all stages of the consumer and commercial credit lifecycle, on both a first- and third-party basis.

We understand that one size does not fit all. We take the time to listen and to understand each client's requirements and expectations before advising them on the most appropriate course of action.

Our operational model is built around our sophisticated technology platform and data intelligence, complemented by a continuous cycle of innovation and improvement. This enables us to work with your customers fairly, efficiently and with greater predictability.

Our partners benefit from:

  • Increased net results
  • Better, more effective use of in-house resources
  • Confidence that your customers and brand are in safe hands, based on our strong compliance and quality management systems
  • NCML's data intelligence and technological investments
  • NCML's proven governance and risk management structure

First-Party Collections
Collecting in your name, on your system.

The structure of some company call centres is not always geared to efficiently handle certain call types, for a number of reasons. It often makes sense to outsource these calls to a third party, provided that scripting and language can be controlled, and reputational risk is not compromised. Ideally, these calls are handled transparently, so that the customer being contacted can't discern the difference between an insourced call and an outsourced call.

Our advanced dialler technology makes it possible for us to work directly on client systems, acting in their name, with a minimum of lead time or effort on their part. Our National Call Centre offers excellent time zone coverage, reliability and disaster recovery redundancy. We're skilled at dealing with debtor resistance and we use proven strategies and collection techniques to encourage voluntary payment, in full compliance with client policies and applicable legislative requirements.

NCML offers:

  • The flexibility to scale up resources quickly to handle unexpected call volumes
  • The reliability to ensure an uninterrupted service
  • The experience with performance-based service level agreements to meet your quality and cost expectations

Third-Party Collections
Increasing collection effectiveness.

NCML continues to make significant investments in analytical, telephony and computer technology in order to reduce costs and increase collection effectiveness.

Our customised Collections System, dialler management capabilities and proprietary analytics software form a powerful combination that enables us to focus our resources on accounts with a greater likelihood of payment. By doing so, we can out-perform less sophisticated agencies and deliver high levels of client and consumer satisfaction.

Secondary Referrals
Bringing expected outcomes.

After a portfolio has been worked by a different primary agency for six to twelve months, there are still many accounts in a typical placement that will benefit from secondary recovery efforts. NCML also undertakes secondary referrals of that kind.

At NCML, we're confident in our people, systems and processes to deliver the outcomes expected from a secondary referral agent. We customise a recovery strategy for each portfolio and use sophisticated monitoring and analysis techniques to improve the efficiency of each collection effort.

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