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NCML's core values are Leadership, Innovation, Ownership and Nurturing.

These characteristics of our business are the benchmark against which every employee, all service standards, procedures and practices at NCML are measured. We are committed to achieving these values by:

Leadership ...
Creating a compelling vision of the future
Coaching and empowering others to develop their potential
Anticipating and positively managing change
Recognising and Role Modelling behaviours which contribute to a positive and inclusive culture

Innovation ...
Translating an idea into something that creates value
Finding ways to positively impact people we interact with
Looking for ways to improve the way we do things
Challenging the status quo in a positive and constructive manner

Ownership ...
Taking full responsibility for our own actions
Holding ourselves and others accountable for meeting commitments
Seeking and being receptive to feedback and learning from my mistakes Making decisions based on what's best for the company

Nurturing ...
Building trust and positive relationships with colleagues and customers/Clients
Embracing and seeking to increase the diversity of NCML
Collaborating with others to get the best outcomes
Recognising and rewarding the achievements of others

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